Evolve and Perform

improve your sporting performance

Sports Performance Clinic in Oxford

At Evolve Rehabilitation & Therapy, we use our combined expertise to develop a treatment package that addresses our client’s needs and makes their goals achievable. As clinicians involved in the same treatment program, we work together to ensure that there is clear communication and a common goal so both the physical and the psychological stay in tune.

Sports Rehab Clinic in Oxford

Our Evolve and Perform program is for athletes looking to get the best from themselves and their sporting performance. Sometimes support is needed to get back to play after an injury, or because an athlete is feeling stuck physically or psychologically at their current performance level. 

We use varied treatment approaches to help athletes reach their potential. Simone combines treatments such as soft tissue work, ultrasound, and mobilisation with tailored exercise and strength and conditioning programs. Clare uses Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT), alongside elements of coaching psychology, positive psychology, and solution focused therapy to help you overcome identified barriers to progress. 

Evolve Rehabilitation & Therapy also offers altitude training with the Cloud 9 Altitude Generator from Sporting Edge. Exercising at reduced oxygen saturation levels helps boost performance by stimulating your muscles to adapt and use oxygen more efficiently. Altitude training is a safe way to increase fitness quickly. Contact us for further information and to book. 

If you are interested in how we might be able to help you achieve the next level, please book in for a free 15-minute initial telephone consultation. If we think we can help you and you want to explore our approach, you will be invited to book a 60-minute assessment session to further explore your needs and to develop an initial treatment plan.  

Your treatment plan will reflect your needs with a mixture of physical and psychological therapy as required, with regular reviews to ensure we are all on track. The focus of your sessions can be changed with your growth, all you need to think about is your progress, we’ll do the rest. 

  • Free 15 minute initial consultation via video call
  • 60 minute assessment @ £60
  • 4 session in person Sports Therapy block – £200
  • 4 session online Psychological Therapy block – £340
  • 4 session mixed block (both sports therapy and psychology) – £270
  • Altitude training – 30 minute altitude training session @ £25.
  • All psychology and remote sports therapy sessions are held online, we will send you an appointment link.
  • All face to face sports therapy sessions are held at Revolution Sports Injuries Clinic in Grove, Oxfordshire. 
Sports Performance Clinic in Oxford