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Sports Physiotherapy Clinic in Oxford

We do things differently at Evolve. There’s no need for you to book separate treatments or sign up to a program that everyone else is signing up to.

At Evolve Rehabilitation & Therapy, we use our combined expertise to develop a treatment package that addresses our client’s needs and makes their goals achievable. As clinicians involved in the same treatment program, we work together to ensure that there is clear communication and a common goal so both the physical and the psychological stay in tune. When you book in with us for your initial 60 minute appointment we will explore your needs in a holistic and person centred way, and develop a bespoke treatment plan with you. Your treatment plan will ensure that you have the best opportunity to resolve any issues, with an option for a mixture of physical and psychological therapy as required, and regular reviews to ensure we are all on track. The focus of your sessions can be changed with your growth, all you need to think about is your progress, we’ll do the rest

Our Evolve and Grow focus is designed for both athletes and non-athletes who are looking for support to overcome physical and/or psychological difficulties that are impacting on daily function, health and wellbeing. People who select this treatment option may be recovering from injury, experience chronic pain and discomfort, and/or have difficulties with stress, burnout, anxiety and depression, and other co-morbid physical and mental health problems. Athletes who benefit from this program may be experiencing significant emotional issues linked to their sporting performance, such as anxiety or difficulties returning to sport after a traumatic injury.

Simone’s physical treatments may include massage, postural alignment therapies and specific exercises, where Clare may use a range of therapeutic approaches such as Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT), Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT), and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). Clare is a member of the UK Sports Institute’s national Mental Health Practitioner Network.


  • Free 15 minute initial consultation via video/telephone call on request
  • 50 minute Sports Therapy initial assessment @ £60
  • 50 minute Sports Therapy treatment session @ £50
  • 50 minute Sports Psychology initial assessment and treatment sessions @ £90 for self funders
  • Altitude training – 30 minute altitude training session @ £25.
  • Taping only – @ £25

Clare is also registered with the main insurance providers – BUPA, AXA and Aviva. Fees vary.


  • We offer both online and face to face options
  • All remote psychology and sports therapy sessions are held online, we will send you an appointment link.
  • All face to face sessions are held at the Fitness Experts Harwell.
Sports Physiotherapy Clinic in Oxford